The Best Meditation Chairs

Meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming more and more mainstream, with over 18 million adults and nearly a million children engaging in meditation in the United States alone according to research.

Various religions and recent Western medical studies affirm that meditation increases the quality of life by reducing anxiety, lowering high blood pressure, reducing chronic back pain, and bringing cholesterol levels back in line with Floor seatings.

Picking a meditation chair can be frustrating unless you know what meditation position is right for you. Here’s where physical needs come before the mental journey.

Obviously, you don’t want to sit like a Zen master crossed legged on the floor if it causes you pain, and you have a chair that can make meditating more comfortable.

Every human body is different, and that means not all chairs will work for you.

The strong muscles and backs of our hunter-gathering forefathers are not as prevalent these days. Years of body abuse does take a toll on our skeletal system, so you might want to find a chair that has back strengthening attributes in its description.

Remember, good posture helps create the state of awareness while our bodies stay comfortable in the present.Your back should be straight in your chair. A curved back isn’t meditation friendly.

Sitting on a meditation chair that fits your body the right way helps achieve good body posture.

Find a chair that has a little forward inclination. The inclination helps stop the back slumping that can cause a misfire in your meditation routine.

Your meditation time is a very personal experience based on your body and personal preferences. When choosing your chair, ask yourself these questions:

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