5 Different Genres That Support Esports Betting

People are now quite receptive to adopting video gaming as a full-time profession. It is right to say that the craze of earning a handsome amount for merely playing video games has spread like an epidemic. Today, every other gaming enthusiast wants to be a professional gamer. Are you also a passionate individual who wants to adopt it as his career? But wait! Do you know the different genres that support online casino? Well, even if you don’t know anything about them, we are here to let you know. 

Genres of Esports: 

There are five different genres that support this distinctive form of betting. The details of each one of them are listed below. 


  • FPS


FPS is an abbreviation for First-person Shooters. This genre consists of games where shooting plays a massive role. You may also think of these games as combat games where the players continuously strive to defend themselves. These games are usually played as an individual or even as a team of passionate individuals. Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Halo are among the most popular members of this genre. 


  • MOBA


This stands for a multiplayer online battle arena. As the name suggests, it consists of an array of the world’s most famous battle games. These are generally played in groups of several dedicated and passionate individuals. The opposing teams fight with each other for attaining the status of a winner. League of legends and defense of the ancients two are counted among the most reputed members of this family. 


  • Simulation


This is a versatile genre of Esports betting. People who hate monotony are mostly attracted to opt for this one. Games based on recreational physical sports such as FIFA generally fall into this challenging category. That is why players of this genre need to possess knowledge about sports if they wish to mark their presence here. Rocket League is an unparalleled and undisputedly favorite member of this family. 


  • Action Games


Action Games have always remained in the ‘most played’ or ‘top 10’ category of all times. The adrenaline rush that these games bring is exemplary. That is why these instantly find a place in the heart of the player. Fighting games based on a virtual combat form an essential part of this group. Street Fighter and Tekken are the two most admired games of this genre. 


  • Casual Games


This genre encompasses the games that are relatively easy to play. The time span of their battles and matches is also relatively short. It certainly means that players of this genre do not need to put in much of their time and effort in playing these games. Clash Royale and Hearthstone are among the most admired members of this group. 

The Final Words: 

So, if you have a critical eye and luck to bet and predict sensibly about the winners of games belonging to either of these categories, you must not skip the opportunity to be a professional better. 

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