Conspiracy; Hundreds of Small Minority Owned Business Forced Into Closing By City of Tucson Attorney

I am a Disabled American Veteran, with a minority owned business In Tucson, Arizona, I was the owner of Montes Orthopedic for over twenty years. In August of 2005, I was forced out of business by a corrupt city government that still discriminates against minorities and disabled American Veterans. My troubles began at the height of my career, when I was advertising on local TV. I was advertising my custom-made foot orthotic system that corrects the imbalance in a person’s feet. This product allowed me to add small adjustments to the product over a period of time, which provided comfort to my elderly clients.

As I began to become famous on TV, I was bombarded by the American Podiatric Board in Phoenix, Arizona. I was sent harsh and threatening letters, which demanded that I show up to their board of review to answer questions as to why I was practicing their type of medicine without a license. After hiring an attorney, who charged me $3500 up front for a retainer, I learned that this total action might cost $10,000.

Unfortunately, I was unable to raise the rest of the money. However, after talking with friends, I was told that I did not need to attend the board meeting because I was not affiliated with their group, which therefore, had no supervision over me. Upon discovering this, I sent the board a letter which explained Tucson tax preparation that I was not in violation of any of their by-laws, and that I was not going to attend the board meeting.

Several months later, I received a letter from the City of Tucson Consumer Affairs Department, which was run by acting attorney Mr. Mike Anderson. It turns out that three of my clients had made complaints of my products over a three year period to the Better Business Bureau. Again, I had to pay an attorney to represent me at a deposition hearing I was told to attend. At the deposition my lawyer accused Mr. Anderson of launching frivolous actions against me. He said Mr. Anderson was abusing his authority, and stated that if I was brought to court again, he would counter-sue for damages and attorney fees. I did not hear from Mr. Anderson until the day after the death of my attorney.

I then went through many depositions at a loss of time and money. I did not have adequate representation and went through several attorneys. Finally I found a good lawyer that sat with me at my deposition hearings, which were conducted by the now scorned Mr. Anderson.

Having been victimized by Mr. Anderson, I was discussing my troubles with several friends. One of my friends told me that he knew Mr. Anderson through several other business owners. He stated that I was not alone, and that he had knowledge of Anderson’s office. He stated that Mike was randomly picking on minority owned businesses that had complaints documented with the Better Business Bureau. He also stated that Mike Anderson was responsible for the closure of hundreds of small business, where people have lost their homes, cars, and families due to Mike’s constant financial harassment of these business. I was also told that Mike was once a bailiff at the city courts for several years, and that he had studied to become a legal assistant. Once he had his certification, politicians in our city government placed him in this newly-formed department, where he was acting as a lawyer. I was also told that Mr. Anderson was involved in the conspiracy and closings of hundreds of small businesses all over town during his time at the City of Tucson Consumer Affairs Department. His strategy was to create a cash cow that extorts monies from the small minority business that generates income for the city courts, prosecutors, and judges, and Mike’s department.

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