Each one of these is a sizable security improvement

The next big security flaw is that smart devices are often connected everyday locksmith directly to the internet through your router, sometimes with few security protections. This lets you conveniently access them from anywhere in the world — but can could let hackers in to your entire home network if one device is exploited. Apple’s new HomeKit for Routers feature protects your network by creating a firewall between your network and your smart home devices, offering an extra layer of security to keep your home network safe. It will be built in to new routers from Linksys and internet provider Spectrum.

Each one of these is a sizable security improvement, but Sign in with Apple is probably the one that will have the most impact on our everyday internet experience. It won’t protect any Facebook or Google data that has previously been accessed by third parties, but it can keep them out of our personal information in the future. In a connected world where we keep so much information in our gadgets and on the cloud, that kind of protection is crucial — and no one is offering it right now.

Smart home security is a hot topic right now, because the conveniences we put in our home could also be used to invade our privacy. Connected cameras are a particular concern, as they’re constantly watching us, and our data is often sent to the cloud, where it can be vulnerable. Now, HomeKit new cameras from Logitech and Arlo will analyze your video locally — for example, to tell whether the movement detected is a person or a pet. It works with the Apple devices you already have, like an iPad, HomePod, or Apple TV so your data is never accessed by a third party. Then it’s stored, securely encrypted, in iCloud where you can keep up to ten days of recordings that don’t count against your iCloud storage limits for no charge. That’s a nice convenience for a feature that often comes with a monthly fee from other services.

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