How do you build a dome home?

The Legal Eagle Team recently visited the unusual homes of one our favorite clients, Nancy and Roy Ginsburg.  Still under construction but substantially complete, this rural home is made of 3 separate domes connected together to make one 3,200 square foot home.  The domes are 18 feet high inside but you would never know it looking from outside, general contractors marietta ga,

The construction methodology is fascinating.  A slab is poured. Then a single, computer-generated, giant balloon or “membrane” is inflated on top of the slab.  All 3 domes, windows and doorways hallways are inflated as one big balloon on the slab.

Look at the exterior photos.  That yellow-green layer you see is the balloon!  While inflated, steel re-bar is installed inside, following the shape of the balloon.  Pipes and wires that go in the walls, after being carefully thought out, are installed.

That is followed by a thick, layer of special concrete shot out of a gun at high pressure, to cover the rebar.  The next plaster layer is hand-troweled to make the dome interior relatively smooth.  The plaster gets painted any color(s) you wish.

The concrete dome is over one-foot thick at this stage of construction and the structure is not done yet.  A final 3-4″ thick layer of concrete will be applied over the balloon/membrane so it will all look white – and be that much thicker.

These dome houses are so energy efficient they can easily run off of a small solar array.  A backup gas generator is on site outside for occasional supplemental power.  Two window A/C units provide air conditioning, for now, but a through-wall Mini-Split system is in the works, to both heat and cool the spaces.

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