How to use a gasoline injector cleaner?

Want to know how to use a gasoline injector cleaner? In this article we offer you some interesting tips on how to do it.

What are gasoline injectors?

The fuel injectors are important key parts of the fuel injection system of the engines of modern cars.

Its function is to supply the necessary amount of fuel to the car’s engine and they are placed at the necessary angle to ensure that it injects the necessary fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber.

It mixes with the air and when exploding allows the vehicle to obtain the energy needed to get moving.

Are there differences between gasoline injectors and diesel injectors?

Exist. The big difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine is in the injection process.

The diesel injector injects the fuel directly into the cylinder so it must exceed its pressure and resist both the heat and the higher pressures generated in the combustion chamber.

Higher manufacturing precision and tight tolerances are also required for the system to function efficiently.

In addition to expensive manufacturing and material costs, diesel injection systems are characterized by more complex control requirements. Buy car oil online along with injector cleaners from Trims pk.

The importance of keeping the injectors clean.

In order for our vehicle to remain in perfect condition and we can really take advantage of all the advantages of gasoline injectors, it is necessary that they be clean and can carry out their mission perfectly.

If the injectors get clogged, it will prevent them from supplying the right amount of fuel and at the right pressure .

The dirt also influences that the fuel does not burn with total efficiency, producing a low fuel consumption and a loss of energy.

How to use a gasoline injector cleaner?

Let’s look at some tips that will help us know how to use a gasoline injector cleaner.

As we have already said, AUTO-GAR is one of the injector cleaners that we can decide on. The way to use it is as follows:

  • Obviously the first thing we should do is open the cleaner .
  • We open the fuel tank and pour half the contents of the container.
  • We add gasoline and pour the rest of the cleaner. We finished filling the deposit and the process is finished.

Other methods of cleaning injectors.

We have already seen that we can clean the fuel injectors with a cleaner such as AUTO-GAR, but there are other methods that we will also know:

  • Sweep cleaning: tubes are attached to the system that introduce the cleaning liquid while the engine is running until the liquid runs out.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning : this system requires the injectors to be removed and work with them on a test bench. It is a more expensive method and while the operation is being carried out the client runs out of vehicle.

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