The ARS Research Project Plan Instructions

from Objectives through Approach and Procedures. Up to four pages of schemes, figures and diagrams can be included in the text and will not be counted against the page limit. This first part should flow from one section to the next without new page breaks.

The Cover Page, Signature Page, Table of Contents, Project Summary, Objectives, Literature Cited, Past Accomplishments of Each Investigator, Issues of Concern Statement, and Appendices should all be started on new pages.

Plan Details

Cover Page (not counted in page limit)Example

National ProgramThe title of the National Program(s) under which the research described below is conducted.Dates-State the general period in which the research project will be peer reviewed. Old ARS Research Project NumberThe project number for the expiring project. If projects are being combined, list those that are being combined. If a project is being split, note that the old project is being split during this process.Research Management Unit Name of Research Management Unit.Location- City and State.Title- A brief, clear, specific description of the project. Used alone, it should provide a clear indication of what the project is specifically about. It should not contain more than 140 characters including letters, symbols and spaces.Investigator(s)-List all scientists assigned to conduct the research being planned and their percent commitment to the project, shown in decimal format (e.g., 0.5, 1.0). This will include all ARS Category 1 or 4 assigned to the project and possibly non-ARS scientists. Any non-ARS scientist must function in a role equivalent to an ARS Category 1 or 4 scientist. Identify the Lead Scientist.All scientists not employed by ARS need to be identified as ‘non-ARS’ scientists. The investigator list should reflect what is proposed for the new project, and need not match the SY listing of the current project in ARIS. Everyone on the list must have an accomplishments section in the back of the plan. Scientific Staff Years- List as a decimal, i.e., 2.75. (Does not include scientists not employed by the ARS. However to determine the page limit, calculate an equivalent scientific year for non-ARS scientists.)Planned Duration- List in terms of total months, i.e., 60 months.

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