The space is a protected reserve for marine life, so properly maintained you could see aquatic creatures until 20 feet below water. Additionally, Tarkarli is famous for its grand Dussehra celebrations and delicious Malvani cuisine. With Shivsagar lake on one side and the Western Ghats on the opposite – this wildlife sanctuary in Koyna is among the most ideal weekend getaways close to Pune. The numerous range of wildlife in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is classed into three varieties — Mahorkar, Indavli Met and Vasota. Spread over some 420 sq km of forest space, it is inhabited by panthers, sloth bears, gaur, tigers, large squirrels, brown capped woodpeckers, cobras, and pythons. This little but charming hill town is perched snugly on the foothills of Sahyadri ranges and makes up for the most wonderful weekend escapade from Pune, especially for the Mumbaikars!

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