I might never be this daring, but my husband all the time says he will put the dirty dishes on the floor where the server can’t help however step on them. I really have had several dining experiences at establishments with small tables where the servers never “manicure” the desk. We’re literally struggling all through the entire meal to eat across the dirty dishes. I noticed a comment above about waitstaff clearing plates earlier than the customers are done with them.

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That means that all servers should be ready to taste all specials earlier than service begins so that they will make informed recommendations. It’s often one or two appetizer specials and one or two entree specials. The chef went to plenty of trouble coming up with these specials, so please take the time to study what they are and what’s in them. And when you do should read them, please slow down and enunciate. I’m getting older and my listening to’s inferior to it used to be. My dog was very pleased, more behaved than ever, and my dog even wags his tail when we get near the neighborhood.

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