The nature space includes a pond, a dam and woodland trails, but the spotlight is the uppermost falls located on the Keweenaw Fault, a billion-year-old geological feature. They cascading over the powerful conglomerates and basalts for about 30 toes, then flow through a brief gorge formed out of the softer Jacobsville sandstone layers under. Downstream of the dam and pond lie three more waterfalls, all lying on Michigan Department of Natural Resources land and open to the common public. Hemlocks and white pine ring the gorge and shade it from summer season sun and winter winds. Play on the seashore while enjoying the rugged mountain peaks in the Hickory Nut Gorge. One admission ($10/adult, $8/children 4-12) covers seaside and water park.

Christie Falls, Ladysmith

It just isn’t safe to swim or attempt to cross the river before or during a water release because it causes a major and rapid rise in water ranges. Check the Trustpower web site for up-to-date info on the scheduled launch dates and also know that water could also be released at any time as part of regular features of hydro-electric energy technology. Please observe all security notices, warning indicators and sirens at all times.

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