The outcomes confirmed no impression of good memorable native meals experience in internet hosting vacation spot on respondents’ behavior intentions to share their experiences to motivate others to try native food. Because of the limited variety of the analysis sample, outcomes couldn’t be generalized to some other food gadgets associated to some other destination and reapplying the analysis to larger pattern would possibly result in completely different outcomes. My Cooking Party is an NYC based mostly culinary school staging hands-on corporate team constructing events and personal cooking lessons. Join our team of experienced chefs and skilled service employees for a one day interactive cooking class that may be a half of cup of Learning, a half of cup of Party and a full glass of Memories.

Journey Ideas

It is “the travelling to style and experience food items of a selected region” . It motivates them to search the identical food items of their residence nation and to visit restaurants serving the same cuisine when return properties . For no logic causes, meals tourism has been uncared for for many years in hospitality literature.

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